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Land use plan

The land use plan (FNP) is a preparatory urban land use plan. It presents the main features of the intended land use for the entire urban area of Jena for a planning horizon of approx. 15 years and is kept up to date through amendment procedures.

The intended uses are not shown for individual plots, but for larger building areas (no parcel definition). As a preparatory land-use plan, it is binding within the administration, but does not have any direct legal effect on citizens.

Effective land use plan 2006

The land use plan (FNP) of the city of Jena in the version of September 2005 is effective since the announcement of the approval on 09.03.2006. It consists of the plan part on a scale of 1 : 10,000 and the explanatory report (see right under "Downloads").

Plotted parts of the plan or excerpts from the FNP are available from the Department of Urban Redevelopment, Geoinformation Team.

A summary of information on particularly frequently asked questions can be found under "Downloads" (FAQ/ Questions and Answers on the FNP).

Due to various developments and projects and their effects on urban development objectives, new challenges for urban development arise, so that the land use plan is continuously adapted to planning requirements. For example, when drawing up or amending development plans, stipulations may be envisaged which can only be partially developed from the land use plan.

In accordance with the development requirement under Section 8 of the Federal Building Code, development plans are to be developed from the land-use plan, so that an amendment to the land-use plan is carried out in parallel with the development plan procedure. The procedural steps are analogous to the preparation of a new FNP, and the amendment requires approval.

You will find information on already effective amendments on the right under "Downloads".

Below you will find information on amendments that are already effective or on amendment procedures that are currently underway.

Amendment Designation Parallel procedure Publication Status
1 University Hospital Jena-Lobeda Development plan procedure B-Lo 05 "University Hospital Jena-Lobeda Official Gazette 32/10 (PDF) of the City of Jena effective since 12.08.2010
2 Solar park Am Jungberg Development plan procedure B-Im 05 "Solarpark Am Jungberg Official Gazette40/11 (PDF) of the City of Jena effective since 06.10.2011
3 Zwätzen-North Development plan procedure B-Zw 01 "Zwätzen-North Official Gazette25/12 (PDF) of the City of Jena effective since 21.06.2012
4 Inselplatz Development Plan Procedure B-J 03 "Inselplatz Official Gazette03/16 (PDF) of the City of Jena effective since 21.01.2016
5 Stadium Jena-Oberaue Development plan procedure B-Wj 16 "Reconstruction Ernst-Abbe-Footballarena" Official Gazette 10/18 (PDF) of the City of Jena effective since 08.03.2018
6 Extension of the State Medical Association Project-related land-use plan VBB-Ma 04 "Extension of the State Medical Association

Official Gazette 03/16 (PDF) of the City of Jena

effective since 21.01.2016
7 Residential area "Am Oelste Development plan procedure B-Zw 06 "Am Oelste-New residential area Jena-Zwätzen" Official Gazette 47/17 (PDF) of the City of Jena effective since 23.11.2017
8 North of Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse Project-related development plan VbB-Wj 18 "North of Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse in procedure

The land use plan is subsequently adapted for information purposes to a development plan for internal development in accordance with § 13 a BauGB. This is an editorial process - the regulations on the preparation of urban land-use plans do not apply here. The correction becomes effective with the announcement in the context of the development plan procedure in the official gazette of the city of Jena.



binding urban land use plan




Area "School location

Jenzigweg" school site

Development plan procedure

B-Wj 13 "School Location Jenzigweg"

Official Gazette 15/16 (PDF) from 14.04.2016

Statutory resolution on the development plan dated 26.08.2015


Area "Residential area near Mönchenberge"

B-plan procedure B-Zw 05 "Residential area at Mönchenberge

Official Gazette 03/17 (PDF) of 19.01.2017

Statutory resolution on the development plan of 14.12.2016


Mittlerer Spitzweidenweg" area

B-plan procedure B-J37 Commercial and mixed-use area "Mittlerer Spitzweidenweg".

Official Gazette 13/17 (PDF) of 30.03.2017 Statutory resolution on the development plan of 27.09.2016
4 Area "Altes Gut Burgau" B-plan procedure B-Bu 06 "Altes Gut Burgau" Official Gazette 6/21 (PDF) of 11.02.2021

Resolution on the B-Plan on 27.11..2018

Overall update of the land use plan

In accordance with the resolution of the City Council of 15.11.2017, the land use plan is currently being updated.