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Framework plan Jena East - Gries

The Gries framework plan (City Council resolution of 08.06.2011) covers the Saale riverbank areas from the junction of Tümplingstraße to Wenigenjenaer Ufer to Wiesenbrücke and the areas northeast of Wiesenbrücke to Jenzigweg / Straße am Erlkönig.

The planning is intended to prepare the functional, spatial and design upgrading of the area in accordance with its importance for the green system of the city as a whole and as a recreational area close to the city for Jena East.

In continuation of the 2007/2008 redesigned open spaces at Wenigenjenaer Ufer, a sequence of differentiated open spaces with different intensity of use and high quality of stay is to be created. The aspect of child and family friendliness is to be given special consideration. In the area of the Griesbrücke, a recreation area with play facilities is to be created.

The spatial link and the path relationships between the residential area and the open space are to be improved and the landscape is to be enhanced. Thus, the objectives of the framework plan Saale adopted by the city council of Jena on 25.05.2009 are directly taken up and concretized.

The following measures have already been implemented on the basis of the Gries framework planning:

- Cycle path between Wiesenbrücke, Ostbad and the street "Am Erlkönig".

- Footpaths between Dammstraße and Wenigenjenaer Ufer north and south of the "Heinrich-Heine" primary school

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