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Urban development measures

In the case of urban development measures in town and country, their uniform preparation and rapid implementation are in the public interest. In this context, districts and other parts of the municipal area are to be developed for the first time in accordance with their particular importance for the urban development and order of the municipality or in accordance with the intended development of the Land area or the region, or are to be given a new development within the framework of an urban redevelopment (Section 165 of the Building Code).

Urban development measure "Himmelreich

In 1995, the city of Jena decided to develop a new residential area in Jena-Zwätzen. With the help of subsidies and the city's own contribution, the streets including the media, generous urban green spaces and recreational areas, a day-care centre and a playground were created.

The development measure is almost complete, all plots have been sold and most have already been built on.

Karte der Städtebaulichen Entwicklungsmaßnahme Zwätzen-Himmelreich
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