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Urban redevelopment areas

As a basis for the use of funding, the city defines funding areas as area settings.

The programme "Stadtumbau Ost - für lebenswerte Städte und attraktives Wohnen" (Urban Redevelopment East - for liveable cities and attractive living) aims to sustainably secure and increase the quality of life, living and working here, in particular by upgrading public streets and open spaces.

No private projects can be funded in these areas.

Jena currently has the following urban redevelopment areas

  • Area size: 113 ha
  • Statutory resolution: 20.02.2002
  • Support programme: Urban redevelopment upgrading

The aim of the promotion is the upgrading and design of public street and open spaces and new building projects.

Karte des Abrundungsgebietes Stadtumbau - Innenstadt
© GDI-Th dl-de/by-2-0, Bildinhalt: Karte des Abrundungsgebietes Stadtumbau Ost - Innenstadt Jena
  • Area size: 6.5 ha
  • Resolution: 09.07.2003
  • Support programme: Urban redevelopment

The main focus of the support is the upgrading of public streets and open spaces.

Karte des Fördergebietes Lobeda-Altstadt
© GDI-Th dl-de/by-2-0, Bildinhalt: Karte des Fördergebietes Lobeda Altstadt
  • Area size: 27.335 ha
  • Resolution: 20.02.2008
  • Development programme: not yet included in a development programme

The objectives for the area included the revitalisation of the derelict areas of the former railway facilities, the upgrading of the public street spaces and the design of the surroundings of the Saalbahnhof station.

Karte des Fördergebietes Jena-Nord
© GDI-Th dl-de/by-2-0, Bildinhalt: Karte des Fördergebietes Jena-Nord


Team urban redevelopment

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