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Cultural Landscape Middle Saale Valley

In the period from 2005 to 2008, the development concept "Cultural Landscape Middle Saale Valley and Jena - an important cultural landscape in Europe" was elaborated as an interdisciplinary project in cooperation between the city of Jena, the Saale-Holzland district and the Regional Planning Community East Thuringia for the area of the Middle Saale Valley from Kahla to Camburg.

The development was integrated into the EU project INTERREG IIIB CADSES Cultural Landscape.

In May 2008, the city council of Jena confirmed the results of the development concept as well as the pilot projects elaborated for the urban area of Jena. In a ceremonial act on the "Camburg" the "Charter of Camburg" was signed by the mayor of the city of Jena together with the mayors of further 11 neighbouring communities and the district administrator of the Saale-Holzland district on 21.06.2008.

With this, the political representatives expressed their commitment to continue to focus on the very comprehensive topic of preserving and developing our unique cultural landscape, to continue the process of discussion and to use all possibilities of indirect and direct influence on the quality of life and thus the long-term and sustainable development of the region.

The three pilot projects:

  • Göschwitz Industrial Park
  • Jena - "City on the river
  • "Saaleauenpark"

were worked through in greater depth in the subsequent planning process of the city of Jena, the development of the "Saale framework plan", in addition to other individual projects from the more than 100 project proposals of the development concept. The results lead to concrete project planning.

If you are interested in reading the "Vision 2020" as a fictitious experience report of the Middle Saale Valley or in the final report of the development concept "Cultural Landscape Middle Saale Valley around Jena - an important cultural landscape in Europe", please use the adjacent downloads.

The more than 100 project proposals, which were developed in the context of the concept development, can be viewed in the department of urban development. Here you can also obtain information on the continuation of the process, if required.

The processing area of the development concept "Middle Saale Valley around Jena - an important cultural landscape in Europe" comprises the Saale Valley between Kahla and Camburg and the side valleys visible from the valley bottom.

Until May 2007 landscape architects and urban planners have examined the valley area with a north-south extension of approx. 35 km, identified strengths and potentials but also weaknesses and conflicts, presented them and worked out the essential aspects characterising the cultural landscape.

The description and evaluation of the cultural landscape serves as a basis for a broad dialogue with different stakeholders.

For the assessment, the cultural landscape was examined from four perspectives of the "user" from a boat, from a bicycle, from a train and from a car (methodology of the lines of perception by Kevin Lynch). On the basis of this analysis of strengths and weaknesses, cultural landscape guiding principles, objectives and principles were formulated, which convey the overall societal, holistic objective for the sustainable development of the cultural landscape of the Middle Saale Valley. An implementation horizon of approx. 15 years is assumed.

From the large number of project proposals and planning notes, pilot projects were identified that are of particular importance and will be implemented in cooperation with regional stakeholders. A planning advisory board discussed and supplemented the developed mission statements and project proposals (see downloads).


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