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Integrated urban development

Jena is facing the challenges of future urban development. Against the background of demographic change, dwindling resources and finances of the municipality as well as economic and social changes, groundbreaking strategies are necessary.

How will the city of Jena develop, change and renew itself until the year 2030? What are the most important tasks for the future? Which impulses are to be set in order to preserve Jena's founding spirit? These and other questions of urban development were discussed with the development of the integrated urban development concept of the city of Jena in an extensive participation process since 2016. The concept was adopted by the city council in March 2018 and forms the basis for Jena's future urban development.

The urban development concept, part housing, was drawn up in 2002. The concept shows the key values of the housing market development and gives recommendations for action for the individual city districts. It can be found under Downloads.


Housing and Neighborhood Development Team

Am Anger 26
07743 Jena