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Facade Award

Dowing to private sponsors the city of Jena was again able to organize the in the meantime 28. mal the Jena Facade Award . A total of € 9,800 was available as prize money, which was divided between the mainprize and and the and the recognitions. To public contractors as well as larger players in the housing market werden only awards without prize money awarded.

Until the beginning of October 13 applications were received. These a wide range of of projects. From smallereand larger private residential buildings to public facilities and mixed-usen Buildingsn the range extends to to gewerbcommercialautes. On 12. November 2020 the jury met, which of representatives of the sponsors, the city administration and a member of the Baukunstbeirat consists. Due to the difficult situation to arrange a central award ceremony, the jury decided to to award the prizes this year individually in a smalln The award was presented individually this year in a small setting at the respective prize-winning object. In addition to the main prize, the jury awarded three recognitions and two commendations. The special energy prize was according to the decision of the jury in thism not awarded this year.

Special thanks go to the supporters and sponsors of the facade award.

Sponsors of the 28th Jena Facade Award

Sponsor Grant
Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland 3.000 €
Engineering office construction and equipment GmbH, Jena 1.500 €
HI-Bauprojekt GmbH, Jena 1.000 €
S&L Szymanski GmbH, Jena 1.000 €
District craftsmen's association Jena-Saale-Holzland 500 €
Your painter - Thomas Jüttner GmbH, Jena 500 €
AICON real estate, Jena 300 €
Family Gummich, Jena (private) 300 €
HEYX Engineering, Th. Heyder, Hermstedt 250 €
Restoration Stilbruch, Jena 250 €
Mrs. Wackernagel, Jena (private) 200 €
Steffen Kind - building analysis, Jena Consulting and testing services
Auszeichnung Objekt Bauherr(en) Planung


(keine Geldprämie)

Fraunhoferstraße 8

(Neubau Erweiterung Helmholtz-Institut)

Thüringer Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr  Osterwold°Schmidt Exp!ander Architekten BDA, Weimar


(3.500 €)

Stockholmer Straße 9

(Neubau Büro- und Verwaltungsgebäude)

asphericon GmbH Architektinnen Schüler & Reddersen GmbH, Stadtroda


(3.500 €)

Hausbergstraße 25

(Sanierung Einfamilienhaus)

Prof. Dr. Antje Burse und Dr. Axel Schmidt Tom Schmidt


(3.000 €)

Am Zementwerk 4

(Sanierung ehemalige Prüssingvilla)

Jochen Voigt  & Lars Eberlein Immobilien GbR IBA GmbH, Jena


Auszeichnung Objekt Bauherr(en) Planer

Sonderpreis Energieeffizienz

(500 €)

Stockholmer Straße 9 asphericon GmbH Architektinnen Schüler & Reddersen GmbH, Stadtroda

Sonderpreis Energieeffizienz

(500 €)

Hausbergstraße 25 Prof. Dr. Antje Burse und Dr. Axel Schmidt Tom Schmidt



Team urban planning and planning law

Am Anger 26
07743 Jena