The Jena housing market is strained in large parts due to the positive population development and the high student demand for housing. The demand exceeds the supply in some areas.

The city has made it its task, in addition to providing sufficient housing, to further develop the housing supply in Jena in terms of quality in line with the changing demand for sought-after residential locations, apartment sizes and equipment standards as well as rental prices.

Here you will find a list of all resolutions, reports and questions of the city council concerning the topic of housing & construction with a link to the city council meeting system. There you can easily access all related information and documents.

Type Title Date Resolution / Report number
Report Housing Atlas 19.05.2010 10/0483-BE
Major interpellation of the left Student housing 19.05.2010 10/0480-BE
Resolution Housing in Jena 30.06.2011 11/1061-BV
Report Mobilisation of residential building land 01.02.2012 11/1343-BE
Report Housing in Jena 11.09.2013 13/2244-BE
Major inquiry of the Left Party Housing situation and urban development in Jena 15.05.2013 GA/Left/02/2013
Resolution Housing in Jena and in Thuringia-further work steps 01.10.2014 14/0110-BV
Report Development of residential areas in the city of Jena until 2030 07.05.2015


Report Report on the effectiveness of housing market instruments in Jena 16.04.2015


Resolution Housing in Jena 2030 21.10.2015


Resolution Residential Development Jena 2030 21.09.2016


Regular monitoring & foundation of the housing industry working group

In order to be able to better assess the actual developments on the housing market and to develop strategic bases for long-term planning, the city of Jena has been conducting ongoing housing market monitoring since 2002. In this monitoring - accompanied by the AG Wohnungswirtschaft - the data of 25,249 flats in the stock of the housing companies are included.

Against the background of a prevailing housing vacancy rate of more than 10 % at that time, the city administration has been intensively dealing with the topic of housing since 2001. Coordinated action was necessary and for this reason the housing industry working group was founded.

At present, the common goal is to strengthen the housing construction qualitatively and quantitatively in existing and new buildings as well as to react to the various needs and special requirements of the different target groups.

City-wide and planning area-related statements on the development of housing demand and housing supply are made, forecasts on future market development are worked out and recommendations for action are derived. These results are continuously evaluated and reviewed in an annual monitoring and documented in the concept "Wohnstadt Jena" (-> Downloads).

Members of the housing industry working group

In 2013, the housing industry AG was able to celebrate its 10th anniversary. This was honored with a public event. The speeches of the speakers are available for download.

Planning areas

The Jena city area is divided into six planning areas, which in turn are divided into statistical districts (map is available as download):

  • Alt- and Neulobeda
  • East
  • North
  • West/Centre
  • Localities


Housing and Neighborhood Development Team

Housing and Neighborhood Development Team

Am Anger 26
07743 Jena

Housing and Neighborhood Development Team

Am Anger 26
07743 Jena