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VBB-Ma 04 "Extension of the State Medical Association" (Maua)

  • Resolution on preparation: 10.10.2012
  • Resolution on the display: 25.03.2015
  • Public display: 10.04.2015 to 11.05.2015
  • Resolution on consideration: 26.08.2015
  • Statutory resolution: 26.08.2015
  • Legal force through public announcement: 11.08.2016

The following objectives were pursued with the preparation of the project-related development plan "Extension of the State Medical Association":

  • Ensuring the functionality of the seat of the State Medical Association for the range of services incumbent upon it.
  • Creation of the legal planning prerequisites for the construction of the planned building extension and the new parking lot system
  • Design integration of the building into the existing structure
  • Creation of a compensation area to the west of the new parking area

The project has been completed.

The plan documents attached as downloads are for information purposes only. Only the legally binding copy of the plan, which can be viewed at the Urban Planning Department, is authoritative.