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VBB-Lb 04.1 "Modernisation and extension of OBI building and garden centre Jena" (Jena-Nord)

  • Initiation decision No. 10/0788-BV: 16.12.2010 (Official Gazette 2/11 of 13.01.2011)
  • Decision No. 11/0918-BV: 13.04.2011 (Official Gazette 16/11 of 21.04.2011)
  • Consideration resolution no. 11/1158-BV: 28.09.2011 (Official Gazette 42/11 of 20.10.1022)
  • Statutory resolution no. 12/1730-BV: 10.10.2012 (Official Gazette 45/12 of 08.11.2012)
  • Legal effect by public announcement: 27.03.2014 (Official Gazette 12/14 of 27.03.2014).

The area covered by the project-related development plan lies approximately 1.2 km north of the city centre between Löbstedter Straße and the Deutsche Bahn AG site. The V/E plan completely replaces a previous plan from 1999/2000.

This had become necessary because the expansion of the existing DIY store at that time had resulted in a total floor area of more than 1,200 m², which is considered "relevant to regional planning" and requires a planning procedure. In 2010, the OBI garden centre was to be extended by a further 1,500 m² and the car park belonging to the store was to be enlarged. This necessitated a change of plan.

The planned construction measures have been fully implemented.

The plan documents attached as downloads are for information purposes only. Only the legally binding copy of the plan, which can be viewed at the Urban Planning Department, is authoritative.