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B-Zw 06 "Am Oelste - New housing Jena-Zwätzen" (Zwätzen)

  • Resolution on preparation: 10.07.2013
  • Decision on display: 26.10.2016
  • Public display: 18.11.2016 to 19.12.2016
  • Resolution on consideration: 03.05.2017
  • Statutory resolution: 03.05.2017
  • Legal force through public announcement: 08.02.2018

The provision of areas for housing construction is a focal point of urban development. On the basis of the present development plan, an urban area with an urban appearance is to be created in a moderate form.

The new area is composed of three elongated quarters in the center, a southern edge of two open U-shaped quarters and an open row of detached townhouses in the north, which form the transition to the adjacent natural space.

The new district, in the centre of which is the public neighbourhood square, is characterised by compact construction and exemplary quality in the design of the diverse green spaces, while minimising the number of access roads and maximising the number of private green areas (garden courtyards).

A large part of the green compensatory measures to the north of the construction areas has already been completed. Construction of the noise barrier began in September 2018. The start of the main development work is planned for April/May 2019 (as of February 2019).

The attached planning documents are for information purposes only. Only the legally binding plan copy available for inspection at the Urban Planning Department is authoritative.