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B-Zw 03.1 Zwätzen-East (Zwätzen)

  • Decision to initiate: 16.10.1991
  • Resolution on statutes: 12.11.1997
  • Legal force through public announcement: 04.05.1998

The purpose of the provisions of the "Zwätzen - Ost" development plan is to create the legally binding urban development conditions for safeguarding municipal interests with regard to commercial development in the city of Jena. Due to the corresponding demand for space, predominantly commercial areas were designated in the development plan, which are particularly suitable for the settlement of medium-sized businesses. The commercial areas were divided into sub-areas GE 1 to GE 5, to each of which some of the generally permissible uses were assigned due to their varying degrees of compatibility, while others were excluded. For example, sports use was defined for sub-area GE 5; all other uses are inadmissible here.

A further sub-area is designated as a special area with the use designation DIY and garden centre.

The building area is fully developed. There are currently no plots available (as of July 2018).

The documents attached as downloads are for information purposes only. Only the legally binding copy of the plan, which can be viewed at the Urban Planning Department, is authoritative.