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B-Lb 03.1 Camburger Straße Part I 1st amendment (Löbstedt)

  • Decision to initiate: 15.01.1992
  • Resolution on statutes: 20.11.1996
  • Legal force through public announcement: 06.03.1997

The majority of the planned area was used by the CIS armed forces until 1992. After release by the armed forces, the land was taken over by the state of Thuringia. The aim of the development plan is to put the area to a new use, taking into account its location in the urban area, and to ensure orderly urban development.

Of the total area of the area of application, which comprises approx. 28 ha, approx. 15.5 ha are designated as general residential area (WA), approx. 8.5 ha as mixed area (MI) and approx. 4 ha as public traffic area. The number of full storeys is limited to 4 to 6, depending on the building area, and a maximum building height of 16 m is specified for some areas.

The site is fully developed and about 80% of it has already been built on or planned. Contrary to the originally intended development with multi-storey buildings with residential or commercial use, small-scale residential construction (single-family houses, semi-detached and terraced houses) has increasingly established itself in line with the changed demand, although there is an increasing demand for multi-storey residential construction (June 2014).

The documents attached as downloads are for information purposes only. Only the legally binding copy of the plan, which can be viewed at the Urban Planning Department, is authoritative.