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B-Dd 07 Am Drackendorfcenter (Drackendorf)

  • Resolution to set up: 19.10.1993
  • Resolution on statutes: 23.10.1996
  • Legal force (1st amendment) by public announcement: 14.10.1997

The area covered by the development plan comprises an area of approx. 17,200m². The planning was triggered by the urgent need for housing in the greater Jena area at the beginning of the 1990s and the elimination of urban deplorable conditions at the location.

The majority of the planned area is designated as a purely residential area and is to be used exclusively for residential purposes.

The remaining buildable area has been designated as a general residential area in which, in addition to residential use, facilities for religious, social, health and sporting purposes are also permitted.

The construction area has been completely realized and built on (as of November 2011).

The plan components available as downloads are for information purposes only. Only the legally binding plan documents that can be viewed in the Urban Planning Department are authoritative and binding.