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B-Lo 03F Lobeda-South LS2 (Neulobeda)

  • Decision to initiate: 18.09.1991
  • Statutory resolution: 16.04.2003
  • Legal force through public announcement: 15.09.2003

The planning pursues the intention of creating an efficient commercial area for the regional centre of Jena, conveniently located for transport and appealing in terms of its landscape.

The buildable areas of the planned area are designated as commercial areas in which commercial operations of all kinds, warehouses and public operations as well as commercial, office and administrative buildings are permissible.

Dwellings for supervisory and stand-by personnel associated with commercial operations are only permitted as exceptions, while accommodation establishments, facilities for sporting purposes, petrol stations and retail establishments are not permitted.

The commercial area has been developed and some of the sites have already been built on. The areas are marketed by JenA4 GmbH, a subsidiary of Technische Werke Jena GmbH and the city of Jena (June 2014).

The documents attached as downloads are for information purposes only. Only the legally binding copy of the plan, which can be viewed at the Urban Planning Department, is authoritative.